Hispanic Heritage Month

By: Fernando Senra, Director of Moore Communications Group

Every year from September 15-October 15, we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month and all the contributions of the Hispanic community to our nation. Having been born and raised in Miami and having a large Cuban family surround me each day often didn’t make me feel like I was that different from everyone else- in fact I thought it was kind of funny we had a month celebrating our heritage. After all, most of the people around me were just like me and shared similar backgrounds.

It wasn’t until I was older and moved from Miami to places like Buffalo, Boston and Tallahassee that I saw how unique my background actually was and how I should truly feel a sense of pride in who I was and how my family came to this country in search of freedom and new opportunities. In my adulthood, Hispanic Heritage Month has taken on a whole new life and I approach it from an entirely different perspective. I see how my experiences and upbringing make me who I am today and shape how I see the world.

Even though I never lived in Cuba, I was raised with an emotional connection to the sounds, tastes, sights and adventurous spirit of the island while embracing all the American traditions at the same time. I’m as American as I am Cuban and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I look at the contributions of Hispanics to science, the arts, education and business development and I feel an immense sense of pride. So many like my family members came to the U.S. for a better life and, in turn, have made a better life for so many around them. This tradition continues as new generations are born in this country, and ultimately this is what we celebrate this time each year.

The importance of diversity in everything we do is what keeps life interesting. From friends and neighbors to colleagues and employees, surrounding yourself with people from different backgrounds and cultures makes us all, including our businesses, well rounded. At Moore Consulting Group we seem to keep growing our list of the cultures representative of our staff and each new country’s flag we add enriches our work environment and the products and services we provide to our clients. I may not have understood the importance of this month when I was younger, but now each day is a reminder to be proud of who I am, where my family came from and the endless possibilities we each hold to continue making this country the best in the entire world.

As Celia Cruz would say, “Azucar!!”

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